His Hidden Child #Wattys2016

His Hidden Child #Wattys2016

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Ally Robinson By Ally_Robinson Updated Sep 25

Everyone knows what happens when you find your mate - you connect with them, fall in love with them and finally, complete the mating process and live happily ever after. That's how it goes. And every she-wolf dreams of the day that they are found by their mates. Angelica had this dream. She didn't care if he was an Omega, she just wanted to be loved. 

One day, after a heated argument with her oldest sister, Angelica runs into the woods to her hiding place. There, to her surprise, she meets her mate! They talk and get to know each other slightly and then she loses her virginity to him - and then he leaves her!

Broken, she goes back home and confesses to her family what happened, her family move states and while moving into their new home - Angelica discovers that she's pregnant. However, she is determined to keep this baby hidden from the father and when she hears that he's looking for her, she does everything in her power to stay away, regardless of the mate bond. 

Can she succeed?

Me want the dad fi find his babymother because without a dad there's ntn
I'm okay with anything you got to throw at me. As long as there's no love triangles. I hate love triangles. 😑
530settimi 530settimi Aug 18
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BellaGome BellaGome Apr 07
He gonna find her say this bitch ads long speech she fall In love with him they get married ta-da THE END
the-tasty-muffin01 the-tasty-muffin01 Nov 27, 2015
Nothing bad about cliche but its nice to read something different
12Rayne 12Rayne Nov 23, 2015
I really don't mind if its cliché considering all the cliché stories I read so far and they are really good x) but that's just me talking XD