His Hidden Child

His Hidden Child

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Ally Robinson By Ally_Robinson Updated May 17, 2017

Everyone knows what happens when you find your mate - you connect with them, fall in love with them and finally, complete the mating process and live happily ever after. That's how it goes. And every she-wolf dreams of the day that they are found by their mates. Angelica had this dream. She didn't care if he was an Omega, she just wanted to be loved. 

One day, after a heated argument with her oldest sister, Angelica runs into the woods to her hiding place. There, to her surprise, she meets her mate! They talk and get to know each other slightly and then she loses her virginity to him - and then he leaves her!

Broken, she goes back home and confesses to her family what happened, her family move states and while moving into their new home - Angelica discovers that she's pregnant. However, she is determined to keep this baby hidden from the father and when she hears that he's looking for her, she does everything in her power to stay away, regardless of the mate bond. 

Can she succeed?

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bigbootyseungkwan bigbootyseungkwan Sep 02, 2017
Forgive my internal instincts but
                              WORK WORK
                              WORK WORK
                              AND PEGGY
KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett May 10, 2017
Intriguing to say the least lol with all imprinting and mate bonding.. its generally for life ❤ some have been known to cut off completely from those of whom they've bonded with and reconnect with others on that level.. but I am intrigued to know more xx
GreekFreak12254661 GreekFreak12254661 Sep 09, 2017
well, i think everybody knows that it's a huge no, right? I mean, you don't need to have a thousand brain cells to know that😅😂😂
OMG-_-fake OMG-_-fake Jul 19, 2017
Based on my experience with wattpad stories, I'm gonna answer with a no
angielover823 angielover823 May 24, 2017
ayyyyee my name (full name is Angelica) and my Nick name is Angie 😊
bigbootyseungkwan bigbootyseungkwan Sep 02, 2017
You can only say no to this....ugh im Hamilton trash forgive me