an ordinary girl with 10 mates

an ordinary girl with 10 mates

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aniek1313 By aniek1313 Updated Jul 23

Angel is just an ordinary 16 yeard old girl. She isnt populair, she is an nerd. You can always find her in the liberary with her nose in the books. She is very shy and doesnt like talking  to people. Her parents aren't the nicest people. They are never home. Angel isn't a very social person.

So what happens when she finds out about werewolves and mates. And her biggest shock, she has 10 mates!!!

What will  happen wen she founds out about the werewolve world?

I am sorry if my english isnt perfect. I am from the netherlands so sorry if my english isnt perfect.

So far this is really good english considering how you said your english wasn't the best. You go!
Hey, even people who speak English have issues with it. We all have our weakness and imperfections. Plus, it's nice that you gave us a heads up too😀😊
I'm English so when I read the title I was like 'aah gr8 she's got a bunch of mates brill' but oh u mean like MATE mates I got u
Hey! Its fine. Me too! I'm not a native speaker but books and technologies help me in learning. Its okay you know.. =D
TALane16 TALane16 Jan 24
Hey even people who speak english cant write it perfectly. It's okay.
Nederlanders in the house. Volgens mij zijn er best veel Nederlanders op Wattpad 😂