My King [Sadao Maou X Reader]

My King [Sadao Maou X Reader]

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Celeste By Misaki_Akuma Updated Aug 10, 2015

Tired of reading other peoples love story? Then why don't you fill yourself in this story? Do you want your boyfriend to be The Satan King? Or a McRonglads manager? Find out in this book!

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Diana2433 Diana2433 Aug 23
theres PLENTY of fish in the sea sadao,i'm just the cat fish :3 (my girls name is Katrina so yeah,i aking mary sues for fun by reading these so...yeah!)
Quazek Quazek Sep 08
MgRonalds You ARE A FOOL if you think you can copy McDonalds!
*Takes picture*
                              You are more evil than Satan himself
                              *Burns it*
_first version of this chapter_
                              "Hi, I'm your future husband!"
Captain_Kitty-Chan Captain_Kitty-Chan Dec 23, 2015
Senpai~~~~~ Chop~~~~~~~!
                              *in the background* IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!
Shino_Asada Shino_Asada Oct 12, 2015
Thank god I didn't look at the photo "Mikitty" put in the envelope XD