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A Whole New Life

A Whole New Life

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Mariska_Hargitay_ By Mariska_Hargitay_ Updated Feb 09

When Maddie gets adopted by Mariska her life was outstanding , but then more things come into her life that would make her life complete. She faces some challenges throughout her new life which causes her to become anxious. As her new family helps her through the hard times, she feels like she's being drawn away from them more and more each day. 

DISCLAIMER: This story is very dark at some points. None of the events in this story are real. They're all made up for reader's attention. The storyline for Peter in this story is totally fictional, same as for Maddie and the others.

JusticeFaithMarie JusticeFaithMarie Aug 31, 2016
I'm 2 pages into this and I've seen so many references from real life @Mariska_Hargitay_
BreBreKhanna BreBreKhanna Nov 04, 2016
Damn! Why this couldn't be me?!!😫 I would die like totally die If Mariska ever became my mom😄😄 but I love my actual mom ion think I can eva leave...
maddybraxton maddybraxton Jan 13, 2016
aww i could cry with how sweet this chapter is and how close they are
maddybraxton maddybraxton Jan 13, 2016
imma be conpletely truthful i would actually do the same thing especially if she hugged me and said im your mother i would faint
maddybraxton maddybraxton Jan 13, 2016
they are gonna bond and connect straight away and have siblings
maddybraxton maddybraxton Jan 13, 2016
omg im so obsessed with this story please never delete and lots of chapters if anyone can help her it is mariska she is loving protective probs a bit stern fun and always there born to be a mum