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I Won't Give Up(Rogue x reader)[UNDER EDITING]

I Won't Give Up(Rogue x reader)[UNDER EDITING]

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IllusionDragon By IllusionDragon Completed

"(Y/N)!!" master shouted, and i quietly took a seat at the bar.

   "I would like you to compete in the GMG" he asks as he chugs a barrel of booze."I have to?" I ask he nods. 

  "FOR THE GMG FAIRY TAILS TEAM IS..(Y/N), EZRA, NATSU, GRAY, AND LUCY!!"he shouted drunkenly.


I walked into the arena with my team. I wore a cape like thing that went from my black booty shorts to the ground. It covered all of my lower body expect a think strip of fabric that had been cut out and left enough space to see my whole right leg. It was outlined in (f/c). I wore a black teeshirt that had a (f/c) thin chain that wrapped around my waist . My total black converse had (f/c) laces. And one black hardcore glove on my left hand and a (f/c) hardcore glove on my right hand. My (h/l) (h/c) put in a low hanging pony tail my bangs laid over my face covering most of my left eye. A sheathed sword hung from my waist.. 

As I followed my team I hung my head low and ignored all the perverted guys in the cr...

Um... I thought Frosch was a guy because well you know... happy natsu guys, Wendy Carla girls, pantherlilly gajeel guys, sting lector guys
                              So yeah I thought frogs was a guy too
😘😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍....Oh god!!!! Why are SOOOO talented at writing ????!?!?!? I wanna write like you!!!! This chapter was GREAT !!!! AGAIN!!!
TWO MONTHS?! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Maybe I was created with magic
I froze hehehehe that's a pun (Gray and Lyon are ice make mages  so my character said I FROZE the can FREEZE people haha get it ? No ? .........okay )
If was a year older then I could explain, sine one could've been born 2016 at 11:59 and the other at 12:00 in 2017... but I'm not quite sure how it would work with two months, I don't know if one twin fraternal twin can be born later or not but It's a possibility...
Ummmm.... s'cuse me, I was the one who wiped the floor with you, not that baka!