Chosen by The Devil - Draft One (Slow Updates)

Chosen by The Devil - Draft One (Slow Updates)

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There's this mining cave in my neighbourhood that has been there for hundreds of years... It looks like any other cave but...

It's different. I had always been scared of it but I thought that was just because of the stories I had heard and because of the two dozen warning signs scattered around the thing. 

But actually witnessing what lay beneath the darkness. It was horrifying. 

... Do you believe in The Devil?

I didn't, but I do now.


Copyright 2014-2016 © Rhian Miles / cover by @SurroundedByThorns

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{Contains mature content such as swearing, violence, some sexual content and some disturbing imagery}

define_happiness define_happiness Jun 22, 2016
Like President Reagan and President Kennedy. 
                              Wow, their parents didn't love them.
Sugerush Sugerush Aug 26, 2016
You just gave the monster a fúcking appetizer before it eats you
Sugerush Sugerush Aug 26, 2016
Lol I wouldn't have been worried, if my best friend (@great-escape) went in that crazy bítch would have went in with a Katana and a bunch of fúcking knives
RidinSolo44 RidinSolo44 Aug 03, 2016
Blind people can actually see color . Since you can't actually see your mind will try to make something or whatever. I looked this up I love to do research .
aliaisthebest16 aliaisthebest16 Aug 10, 2016
If only he was handsome and fit and had $18281992892838392838382 in his bank account then i would be glad to stay in that mf cave with him