Breaking my Heart (Book 2 of the Breaking series)

Breaking my Heart (Book 2 of the Breaking series)

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Amy/ The big bad wolf By lovewrites Updated Apr 02

Warning 1: This story is not intended for everyone. So if you don't like violence, foul language and sexual content then don't read this book any further. Kindly leave. Thank you very much

If you think a Cornell's love can make you feel wanton as if you were a  single drop of water in the midst of Sahara desert upon which life itself awaits. Then think again because a Cornell's hate will destroy you as if you were a tiny spec in a mind-boggling nuclear explosion. Now whose to decide, of the two what awaits Kelly Carson? 

Book 2 of the Breaking My Love series
(Coming to you this winter)

All righy reserved by the author. Any copying will be dealt seriously.

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gemkitty26 gemkitty26 Jan 17, 2015
pls update soon i wnt to know wht will happen. definitely egggcited!:)
purnima52 purnima52 Jan 17, 2015
awesome....... :-) I can't wait to read more.... pls update soon.... pls
simaagn simaagn Jan 16, 2015
@lovewrites yes, I want some chocolaty paws...only because is chocolate *winks*
                              I know, right!?! Innocent...pfft...yeah
                              oh sweet wolfie, he forces you? How can Kitty do that? You are so sweet and innocent...;) well, you were so innocent!
lovewrites lovewrites Jan 16, 2015
@simaagn kitty is one fluffy liar with chocolaty paws that am I just about to devour. you wanna join... wink wink*  
                              He ain't no innocent. why do you think I do naughty stuff to our kitty because he practically forces me to.
simaagn simaagn Jan 16, 2015
@bookworm_D naturally sweet AND INNOCENT? Ahahahahahahahhahahhahaha....yeah, right. SO innocent!!
                              @lovewrites hi wolfie!! I see there is an interesting story for me to read....yes! What do you think about what Kitty said? Innocent? pffft....
lovewrites lovewrites Jan 16, 2015
@bookworm_D grab your chocolate covered paw* MINE
                              lick it myself. yep walk away from that jar of Nutella kitty. walk. away.