Fix Us ( A Young Derek Hale FF)

Fix Us ( A Young Derek Hale FF)

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Tyra Rogers By TyraRogers Updated Oct 21, 2015


Derek and Ariana have never really gotten along that well. Always constant arguing when they're around one another. Everyone were sick of it. It had to be stopped.

Now it may be hard to believe, but there was once a time when they got along. Pretty well, actually. They were best friends. All the way from preschool to high school. 

But it was that one day at school when everything fell apart. Everything that they ever had. Gone. All because of a mistake. A mistake that ruined a perfect and beautiful friendship.

If only they could go back and change it. If only they could somehow travel back in time to when they were 17 years old.

Maybe, just maybe, they could start over.

(Starts from the end of Season 3b to Season 4)

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OhHaleNoStiles OhHaleNoStiles Aug 03, 2017
                              sorry not the time
zoeestilinski_ zoeestilinski_ Jun 08, 2016
I see what you did there 😏 117 million dollars stolen from Peter
agustdonut agustdonut Apr 16, 2015
117, lol. (I don't understand Spanish very well but I'm Brazilian so it was easy)
_Stxdia_ _Stxdia_ Feb 06, 2015
You know I just realized that the number is 117 I don't air Spanish but I was helping my friend study and I realized it funny
_Stxdia_ _Stxdia_ Feb 02, 2015
OMG SO CUTE can't wait for the next chapter and are they gonna go to school