You Shouldn't Have Done That. (BEN Drowned x Reader)

You Shouldn't Have Done That. (BEN Drowned x Reader)

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"Little bitch!" I was shove against a wall by my boyfriend Rick. He was talk, and muscular, fucking huge arms. His hair was brown, and spiked up. 

Apparently I'm supposed to cook him dinner every afternoon and I forgot it today. Im (y/n).i have brown hair that goes about an inch below my shoulders, braided in a fish braid down the side. I wear black glasses, like nerdy glasses, but they are just reading glasses. My ear is pierced 3 times on one side, at the shell, and two where they normally are in both sides. My eyes are grey/green. My parents died... they were killed. I have foster parents who don't give two shits about me. 

    I live in a shitty as apartment with a shitty ass boyfriend. I know him from school. He was the 'jock'. I never loved him... I was just scared he would hurt me if I said no. I should have said no.... it would have minimized the beatings. 



I was on the ground, bleeding. 

"No get your ass up and fix dinner." He said pointing at the small kitc...

JeSuisGay JeSuisGay Nov 26
This sounds like 90% of the JTK x reader story's...foster parents who hate her, abusive bf, and more cliches to come
I have dark brown almost black hair that comes about five inches below my shoulders yellowish brown eyes and I don't have any piercings anywhere but I do have glasses but they're purple almost black
I have hazel eyes (like Tobae!!) and longish brown hair ur so close
Costanza- Costanza- Jul 16
Holy crap I look exactly like that I have the same I color and basically the same hair but blond highlights a little bit of them...
                              I WILL SNAP YO NECK IN LESS THAN A SECOND BOI
tarantellar tarantellar Oct 27
That actually sounds like me other than one peircing and glasses