Donny McFly (On Hold)

Donny McFly (On Hold)

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Mikey Roulette By KillEmAll666 Updated May 24, 2011

    I found him! My best friend since pre-school. Donny McFly. I've been looking for him for twenty minutes.

    He was sitting at the end of the stairway, holding his knee's close to his chest, sobbing quietly. I sat down next to him, putting my arm across his shoulders. He turned his head too look at me. His hazel green eyes were barley noticeable they were so red and puffy; his straight firetruck red hair was sticking to his face. He tried to smile for me but he failed to do so. 

    I brushed his hair out of his face with my hand. "Donny it wasn't your fault." I whispered reassuringly. 

    "Pshh! Of course it was!" He yelled, "it had to be my fault..." he said the last part more to himself. He put his face back down into his knees. "I do have to blame myself though... " he mumbled in his knees.

    "What did you do why you have to blame yourself?" I ask quite interested in why he needs to blame himself for doing nothing. Nothing? I wonder...   

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