Mine [KageHina]

Mine [KageHina]

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weirdpurplepanda By weirdpurplepanda Updated Oct 31, 2016

The most annoying thing about Hinata is the fact he never shuts up. Most of the time, Kageyama can tune the other out but every now and then a certain phrase or conversation that loudmouth has come out with will just stick with Kageyama like glue. 

It's the dumb things Hinata blurts out that leads to Kageyama questioning his sexuality. 

Then on top of that, Kageyama needs to deal with the stampede of females that seem to be invading the gym because of one stupid photograph. 

Really, he's not sure how anyone survives being a teenager. 

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Niall_Girl231 Niall_Girl231 4 days ago
Drag that boi like a dog drags its ass across the carpet..... It's 3:45 AM.... I'm sorry
tylers_shoes tylers_shoes 4 days ago
Why do girls find small carrots attractive?? Oh crap that's a kid...
tylers_shoes tylers_shoes 4 days ago
*snake mode* Practissssssssssss (sorry I saw an opportunity)
ioncereadastory ioncereadastory 4 days ago
Lol, and I thought this was ab official match. 
                              WTF ARE THOSE GIRLS DOING AT THEIR P R A C T I C E??? Ukai, be a good coach and kick them out
tylers_shoes tylers_shoes 4 days ago
Hinata: *shows concern for teammate*
                              Fandom: HE'S SO GAY ASDFGHJKL KISS KISS KISS KISSSSSSS
                              R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D REJECTED!