remember to forget [1]; kili ✓

remember to forget [1]; kili ✓

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this is stupid By irradiated Completed

"thought we had forever, 

but that was yesterday

you're such a liar, 

wish i saw it on your face

but you did it so well,

can somebody just tell me how

how can i remember to forget?"


in which an elf-dwarf hybrid joins the company, catching the eye of a certain young dwarf

Okay, I'm super confused rn bc idk what race she is. I'm pretty sure I will figure this out later, but like meh..
AMillionStarsAbove AMillionStarsAbove Oct 26, 2016
KILI MY SMOL BABY!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘
Leomiragon03 Leomiragon03 Mar 26, 2015
Self Talk: 
                              Aaaaahhh!!! Breathe you can do this Eli. Just read it.
                              No I cant i will have to buy more ice cream and i have no money! 
                              You can do this Eli! Do it! 
                              Okay. I can do this!  No, no I cant! 
                              You can!
                              Okay I can.
RiseOfTheNerds RiseOfTheNerds Mar 05, 2015
Well I'm outta here *pretends to leave then likes story too much*
drunkkitcat drunkkitcat Feb 12, 2015
*hands you business card*
                              Thorin Oakenshield
                              King Under the Mountain
                              Majestic mofo (only after 8 on weekdays and 7:30 on weekends)
LuvettaGaze LuvettaGaze Jan 01, 2015
*Has several tissue boxes* It's okay! I'm ready for it!!! ;~;