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In the tri-planetary system, Centurions protect the peace among the planets.  Centurions, warriors born in a test-tube and modified by science are the most powerful beings in the universe. They successfully keep the peace in their star system and neighboring systems, until they meet Killrin.  Killrin, a former scientist with the power of a celestial, systematically conquers every system and defeats all one hundred of the Centurions who oppose him. 
However, in secret, one more warrior is born, and sent to earth so that he may one day create a new task force and defeat Killrin.
Announcement: Zero is only published on Wattpad, however, my other works are available in most online book stores. 
A few novels starting with the latest: 
"Supreme Tiger, Princess Dragon" Published by Synergebooks, December 2014, high-action fantasy romance.
"Heartless: A Journey to Second Earth" Published by Synergebooks, November 2013, high-action science fiction romance.
"The Scientific Misadventures of Fric and Frac" Published by Black Rose Writing, November 2011, humorous middle-grade science fiction

Good thing I'm not there. I'd like to have an extremely stern conversation with that teacher!
When someone calls me fat I tell them that I'm not..."I'm morbidly obese." And (LOL) you should see their expression!
FAHyatt FAHyatt Dec 03, 2016
Del charming. Attitude was shown above; narrator doesn't need to browbeat the reader with it. Replace  following "that" with "who".
FAHyatt FAHyatt Dec 03, 2016
Er, Neanderthals sometimes fought Cro-Magnans if that's what you mean. Both are considered EMH, or AMH now, examples of Upper Paleolithic humans. Current theory is that they interbred. Most people's DNA contains up to 15 percent Neanderthal, save in Africa.
glennafarley glennafarley Sep 26, 2016
I think I could get into this book.  I am enjoying it so far.
FAHyatt FAHyatt Dec 03, 2016
If  this is a thought of the character, use italics . ( Incredibly charming.)