Mine, My Mate - Rogue Prison #wattys2017

Mine, My Mate - Rogue Prison #wattys2017

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LaRrY iS rEaL By FreddieTomlinson_ Updated May 18, 2016

Everyone knows and fears of the Steel Bolt Pack. 

The fiercest and strongest pack in the world.The pack that doesn't tolerate rogues and punishes them in the packs Rouge Prison without hearing their explanation.

The one man who shows no emotion when killing the innocent-The Alpha, Xavier Steel the most feared man in the world is seen to have everything but he has this empty feeling in him, the feeling of no companion ...no mate. 
All he wants to do when he finds her is treat her like a princess, love her, respect her and care for her so she never gets hurt. Wherever he goes he searchers for her, hoping he can find her every second of the day. 

What happens when she is right under his nose in HIS Rouge Prison and he is the one giving the orders for the rouges punishments, her punishments. 

He never goes down to the prison except for extreme things, so what happens when he gets called to the prison and finds his one and only...his mate!



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