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A story of which a cliche love story between a nerd and a player turns into a crazy love triangle of which life and death is played with.


"Those scars are made by me?"


 "Then I want to hurt myself as many times as I hurt you."

"I guess what they say in science is true"


"Opposites do attract"


The book cover is by @guitarkidniall

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_iceyval_ _iceyval_ Dec 29, 2016
Wtf wow.........if school are actually like this I should definitely go back to Africa they don't do this and the teachers are bloody strict
polkadotsss_ polkadotsss_ Nov 09, 2015
I would practically run home. I don't care if i miss a class or two. THIS IS AM EMERGENCY GIRL!
ohmyfuckles ohmyfuckles Aug 13, 2015
her sense of fashion makes me cringe but i bet she look beautiful in them.
niallstrousers niallstrousers May 20, 2015
I dont mean to be mean but that is so illogical and unrealistic. Wow I sound so rude but sorry its just my opinion.
averageuniicorn averageuniicorn Dec 28, 2014
This woman has the nerve to say 'your late' ?! What kind of teachers are these ! My gosh and I complain about my teachers . Wow
averageuniicorn averageuniicorn Dec 28, 2014
Oh my gosh ! What the hell does he think of himself ! Fûcking bastard ..!