Promise? (Lashton&Malum)

Promise? (Lashton&Malum)

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Luke can read minds, yeah it's cool, sometimes you hear thoughts that you shouldn't but he can't help it. But one day his mind reading comes in handy when he sees a lonely boy at lunch, thinking of suicide. 

"You call this this suicide, I call it war. And I'm losing the battle."

(Short book/not sad ending)

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yourealizard yourealizard Apr 19, 2017
                              THE FEEEEEEEELLLLLZZZZZ
AshThatDrmmrGrl AshThatDrmmrGrl Aug 15, 2017
You know a story is going to be great when it starts like this:
sweetcreatureslarry sweetcreatureslarry Sep 05, 2017
I just punched myself in the face holy hell fetus Ashton is the death of me
BlazerSmash123 BlazerSmash123 Apr 18, 2017
People with a real childhood know the boob thing and who Megan is
smarticle20 smarticle20 Apr 29, 2017
this picture fucks me up every time i see it why you do dis to me
S_For_Smile S_For_Smile Nov 09, 2016
That phrase made me rethink my attempt(3 years ago) and I'm happy I found that phrase cause now I'm really happy, cause now I have a little nephew, education, work, friends and family I can trust