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A Werewolf Guardian for Niall Horan

A Werewolf Guardian for Niall Horan

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Moani Makepa - McRay By HawaiianDreamer808 Updated Jan 23

There is a list being passed around in the kind of Vampires.

A list their leaders- also known as The Ranks- have conjured up from an unknown location somewhere in Manhattan. This list is made to kill random humans of their choosing, trying to emit war between the creatures of the night and the creatures of shifting.

Beatrix, at the age of eighteen was gifted with the power to shift and had finally found a family after losing her own. But the female Alpha had seen how much Beatrix had struggled, and worried for the girls sanity at her age.

With a copy of the list now in the hands of werewolves, they set out to stop the murders, scaring off vampires if they can. But one name was skipped by the eyes of the Alpha  on the list that was left behind. A name that was faintly printed on the back.

Beatrix, having found it and knowing it could change her life forever, set out to help protect the life of Niall Horan.

_TheHooder_ _TheHooder_ Feb 11, 2016
Am I the only one who wonders why these babies are painted there?