Self Inflicted || Lashton

Self Inflicted || Lashton

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hmhoned By hmhoned Updated Dec 13, 2016

▫️️Suicidal thoughts and actions▫️ 

♦️Famous 5sos♦️
♠️Depressed Ashton♠️

He staves himself,
He cuts his wrist,
This story has a little twist,
He hates himself,
He wants to die,
You can see it in his eyes,
You think this is crazy?
You think it's a lie? 
Of course you do,
Because he was a guy.

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The person who wrote this grammar is trash how stupid do they feel knowing they used the wrong your
Kinda similar to the "you dont hear my cries" titled book or is it just me?
The sad thing is that they can't even use the right you're..
-daddyirwin -daddyirwin Jun 09
i need a luke where was he when my mom yelled at me for seeing my arm )):
Ugh don't even bring that up ask anyone of my friends if you bring it up I will start yelling rants
Don't tell me you actually listened to that peice of paper :'(