My Bad Boy Alpha Mate

My Bad Boy Alpha Mate

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♡ By Humans_Are_Not_Real Updated Sep 09, 2017

Audrey was different, but a good different. She loved all this colorful and decided on stripes since she couldn't find a favorite color. She also had a mild, well not really mild but more extreme obsession with gummy bears. 

Then there's Drew, he is indeed strangely different, he is a werewolf. As all werewolves do, he needs to find a mate. What will he do when he finds out his mate is human? Will accept her or reject her. 

Also, did I forget to mention that his mate is Audrey. Well yeah it is. Now we leave it all to fate as to what he will do and what they will go through.

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AlphaBait AlphaBait Dec 06, 2017
Linda Linda Linda listen you me, the kid says that at the beginning of the story where the video is
SheIsAmazon SheIsAmazon Jun 13, 2017
I am a gummy bear, I am a gummy bear, I am a gummy gummy gummy gummy gummy bear, oh yeah, oh
EclipsiaRose EclipsiaRose Feb 15, 2017
FINALLY A GIRL WITH COMMON SENSE! THANK GOD! I would be like,'uh... sorry, but um no. Who the f@ck r u?"
EclipsiaRose EclipsiaRose Feb 15, 2017
Thank goodness for that, I wouldn't mate with someone that has withering lungs.
kalig223 kalig223 Nov 11, 2015
STAY CLOUDY - JC caylen 
                              And it's flights to la trips to Paris they can talk but we couldn't care less- jack and jack