Runt(Paul Lahote)

Runt(Paul Lahote)

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Peytony_the_tiger By Peytony_the_tiger Updated Jul 25, 2017

Hi I'm Calla Lily.I'm a werewolf but I'm not a normal one.You see my best friend,Ceytan Clearwater, and I are Runt wolves.It is basically when a female dog had a runt, ya know the smallest and weakest.Well that me and Ceytan. But I am also half vampire.My mom was a vamp and dad was a wolf. They died when I was 6 so I live with Seth,Leah,Sue and Ceytan.

             I have black hair with blue at the front with snake bites and blue eyes(in pic).I love black veil brides, star wars,reading,writing,drawing, listening to music, falling in reverse, Yoshi, Kirby, any kind of video game exept for killing games. I don't need blood to live I just have the kinks,like the speed and that stuff.Ceytan is sarcastic,we only talk mainly through our mind link,she always rolls her eyes, we are trouble makers,she barley talks because she has been bullied like me,she has scene hair like me but hers is black and yellow she has blue eyes and we are both smart asses.

               There is one other thing....

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