Accidental Royal

Accidental Royal

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SapphireLove By SapphireLove Updated Nov 13, 2014

"But Your Highness, your parents will not be pleased to know that you took the royal plane to Las Vegas in the U.S. for a weekend with your 'boys'," Fredrick said putting emphasis on the word boys as a slang word.

"Fredrick, do not worry, I just need some time away before I have to marry that...thing, Evelyn of Uppsala," replied Daniel as he continued to pack his own bag.

"Your Highness, you are the Crown Prince of Sweden, it is your royal duty to marry a respectable young woman to carry on the royal name."

By this time Daniel turned around frustrated and tired of hearing the same speech constantly reminding him of his future.  "Look, all you have to do is explain to my parents if they ask that I went out with some friends for a stag party to celebrate my impending marriage." He grabbed his bag off the bed and walked out of the room, leaving Fredrick speechless.

"Anabelle, let's go, I want to get to Las Vegas early to start celebrating my birthday. We only have the weekend befo...

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