Regret rejecting me now?

Regret rejecting me now?

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XoXo_Mae_XoXo_Zay By XoXo_Mae_XoXo_Zay Updated Jul 17, 2015

Hi guys,my name is Maria and this is my first story ever so yeah let me know what you think :)

Ugh,I woke up to a pillow hitting my face and realized that my mom was trying to get me up.I sat up and said"will you knock that off,I'm up ok." "Well excuse me mrs.sassy pants but today your 16,which means your gonna find your mate!!!"
When my mom said that i jumped up with excitement then pushed her out the door so I could get ready for this special day.I wore my blue skinny jeans with a plain pink shirt,then I put on my black flats.
After I was done with my outfit I put on my regular make up and then went to the bathroom and did my business then did my hair,brushed my teeth,and then went down to have breakfast with my family. 

I ran down the stairs when I smelled waffles.I got to the kitchen to see my mom,my big brother Jake and my dad sitting down waiting for me so we could eat together on my 16 birthday.
By the way my name is Jessica but you can call me jessie.

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ellacutuse ellacutuse Jan 14
With this title, you're implying that her mate only wants her for her body sooo. YOU REJECT THAT MATE GIRL.
Jayluv23 Jayluv23 Apr 19, 2017
A damn Honda, REALLY?! If I got that for my birthday I would've acted excited then went in my room and cried
shies322 shies322 Oct 13, 2016
I have a little advice.
                              Punctuation will help your book to have more emotions to it.
TheyCallMeCorra TheyCallMeCorra Jan 02, 2015
Only tip and thing I would have to say is break it down girly, your writing is great but cut the paragraphs down. It's all just one big long read. Also you should put spaces where people are talking so they don't clash, all in all great writing and I can't waiting to read more