Grow Up

Grow Up

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"You've hurt me so many times and yet...I still love you...I'm such a fool." She cried, falling into his arms.

What could he say to console her? That he'd be willing to give up his playboy lifestyle JUST for her?

Why was she still sitting there?

"I'm...sorry Jada."

"That's all I get?! You've cheated on me, hurt me, took my virginity and I gave up so much for you!" 

Yet he couldn't find the right words to calm her down and console her the way he wanted to; so he left. 

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siighbrat siighbrat Mar 06, 2016
I'm the only child too and I know for a fact I'm spoiled 😂😂😂😂
lapodior lapodior Jan 30, 2017
Exactly! How you want a man, but still up under your mother?
TaraciaJackson TaraciaJackson Oct 09, 2016
Sounds like me. I love to go where ever my parents go but I wouldn't say my mom is my bestfriend.
- - Jan 24, 2016
I don't know how to pronounce their name I'm just gone sat TT and hill l
LionessKee LionessKee Dec 11, 2015
Maybe you need to change who you want to attract. Instead of attracting boys attract grown men or mature men .
Ishence Ishence Nov 24, 2015
I usually stick too myself which is why I have limited friends and why I won't date any boys, it's easier to be by myself and not get hurt than to have a ton of phoney friends☕