Murder To Excellence

Murder To Excellence

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Itskndllk By Itskndllk Updated Jul 17, 2015

‘Black excellence.’  

Rose. Black. Twenty-two. Recent college graduate.
Raphael. Greek. Twenty-nine. Extremely good-looking, wealthy and – most of all – cold.

What was it? A compromis? An arrangement? More like blackmail. And now that he has her, will this relationship remain more like a deal?  Or will actual feelings get involved?

“I expect you to let me kiss you when I want. You don’t decline,” he demanded and took a few steps to the corner she stood in. He placed his hands next to her, really cornering her. His voice was hoarse and full of authority, and Rose almost felt herself giving in. “Do you understand?” 

She raised her eyebrow and cocked her head to the side a bit, challenging him. 

“Do… you… understand?” his lips brushed against hers with every word he said. She had the urge to just kiss him but as she had told herself not to, she turned her head so his lips were now on her cheek.

“This is not part of the arrangement.”

“Then I’ll make it one from now on,” he retorted and held her face by her cheeks with one hand, forcing her to look at him. 

“You can’t,” she mumbled as it was hard for her to speak with his hand like that.

“I can. If you don’t agree, you can leave.”

She stared into his green eyes as she thought about leaving. She knew she was going to get hurt if she’d stay but she didn’t want her entire family to get hurt either. 

He let go of her face and crushed his lips onto hers. By now he had pressed his body completely on to hers and Rose felt her body heating up again. Raphael wasn’t gentle during the kiss at all but he wasn’t harmful either. He was dominant and left no room for her to take control of what was happening in that elevator. 


  • blackmail
  • bwwm
  • greek
  • interracial
  • lies
UrsulaLlane UrsulaLlane Jul 01, 2017
Is she black? Where is black girl spunk? She just gonna roll over and play dead? ... Iss too easy.
cheysoccer16 cheysoccer16 Jul 15, 2017
I never understood why people automatically laugh. It didn't seem like a joke.
Vida014 Vida014 Jul 27, 2017
Can there be some kind of divider to let us know when the POVs are switching
trinidadcee trinidadcee Jul 12, 2017
Lmfao my dawg said he saving the number  too fuckk ya talking bout
HereIsRenee HereIsRenee Aug 26, 2017
When you have good parents you will do anything for them without a question ask. She would be in a way bcuz ik they did a lot for me
Vida014 Vida014 Jul 28, 2017
And with that info. Daddy now knows where shes staying because ppl cant hold water