Out Of The Woods [Bellamy Blake]

Out Of The Woods [Bellamy Blake]

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taylor By braveprinxess Updated Jan 23, 2016


[Book 2]

❝all love does is, break, burn and end.❞

Mount Weather was supposed to be life, survival - a safe place to live. But when Athena wakes up in the so called safe ground she realises that it is in fact not and Jaha couldn't have been more wrong. 

Desperate to find her people, she escapes - along with others at the Mountain. They fight and they battle to survive whatever is thrown at them; reapers, mountain men, Grounders.

In attempt to survive for as long as possible, dark routes are taken and people begin to change for the worst, especially a blonde headed survivor names after an Ancient Greek goddess. Enemy's are made, people become one and alliances are made - though frankly, none of them are quite out of the woods yet.

amazalicious630 amazalicious630 Aug 30, 2016
BTW does anyone know what she did to get sent to the ground? I think j must have missed it.... 😰
khaelir1 khaelir1 Dec 21, 2016
Can someone plz tell me what the first book is called so I can read that before I go on.... I don't want to be confused.
brookisunusual brookisunusual Jun 03, 2016
I adore u this is amazing I've been up for hours reading this
AioraMush AioraMush Aug 22, 2016
Reminded me of Resident evil. Except she screamed while doing it and screamed when she woke up.
mischiefstiIinski mischiefstiIinski Nov 07, 2015
I literally finished the first book rn. reading this at 12:12
blakelivelys blakelivelys Nov 07, 2015
I literally finished your first book in like one day and here I am