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The Cupid Touch

The Cupid Touch

1.4M Reads 58.3K Votes 36 Part Story
Gytha Lodge By GythaLodge Completed

**The brand new fantasy romance by award-winning novelist and scriptwriter Gytha Lodge, author of The Fragile Tower series**

What if you had a power you couldn't control? What if you could make everyone you cared about fall in love with their perfect match, and live happily ever after?

And what if the only person it wouldn't work on was you?

Helena Morgan is a smart, sarcastic math student in her final year of MIT. She refuses to date, or to even get close to anyone male, and her friendships with her girlfriends have a bad habit of ending after a few months. 

But Helena isn't the hard person she appears to be. She has a secret; one that has made toughness necessary for her own survival.

Helena creates fairytale happy endings, for everyone except herself. Every friend she's ever had has ditched her for their all-consuming new love interest, and the few times she's had boyfriends, they've suddenly found themselves head over heels for someone else...

But the devastatingly hot new boy Joseph Moritz doesn't want to take no for an answer. The more Helena pushes him away, the more determined he is that they're meant to be together. She finds herself drawn into his world, one where his younger brother needs his protection from the increasingly bad people he's got involved with, and one where risks are a part of everyday life. 

She knows she shouldn't let herself get close to him, but something in Helena is aching to stop fighting. Is there a chance she might get to hang on to Joe, or will she lose him? And is it even worth the risk?

The Cupid Touch is the gripping new story from Gytha Lodge, award-winning author of The Fragile Tower series. Available exclusively on Wattpad. 

Cover design: @HopeWinters_

TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 15
Hahah well yeah i know right? That's why some gals keep their walls high up on a peak *cough*me*cough* 😃
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 15
Well if you say people then fiction people in wattpad is counted yes??😥😥😥😥
VioletsRock VioletsRock Apr 21
Yup, I've been there. That's the exact feeling. Fortunately, we've left everything behind and started over. Now she's still my best friend and hopefully will always be
Lynnbeauty Lynnbeauty May 07
Please read my trump,Hitler ,and shrek love triangle story.. Because shrek is love shrek is life
Those are the worst. Been there done that. Never doing that again.
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 15
Me-- "It's just that most people i know seem to get a little...busy"  and the worst part is i kept thinking I'm a bother to them😳 like my messenger is so desserted that GC's are the only thing that keeps comin in, and in those GC'S i was a ghost!😧😧😧