This Is My Revenge (book 1) (under reviseing)

This Is My Revenge (book 1) (under reviseing)

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She was abused

She was ignored

But most of all she was unloved


Lucy Heartfillia 
Unwanted by her own Guild, her own nakama, and even her own true love.
Lucy is a celestial mage that has potential, but do sent realize it. Most may call her weak for only having keys as a type of magic, but she is quite the opposite, well at leat she is now. Lucy has been torn apart ever since the one and only Lisanna Stratus has returned to the unforgettable Fairy Tail Guild. Lisanna has turned every one against her even her own best friend Levy. They have made Lucy's life hell for all they put her through and now she will maker theirs. The once inoccent is now the demons herself.

Hiro Mashima Owns Fairy Tail and All of its Characters

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Arriaah_Ara Arriaah_Ara Mar 15, 2017
Uhh that means Lucy and natsu are enemies because u said "keep ur enemies closer" and they're pretty damn close
AngelicAnime8 AngelicAnime8 Jul 30, 2017
So I know that your making a Lucy revenge story but if she ends leaving the guild its usually because natsu ignore her
Goddess_of_bitches Goddess_of_bitches May 13, 2017
Lisanna your a whore and you will be killed by the nalu fans.....
                              Lisannna will be killed by the nalu fans............ 
                              NALU FANS CHARGE!!!!!!!!
fleenie34 fleenie34 Oct 19, 2017
Am i the only one that think Wendy and gajeel are always nice to her
Lantern45 Lantern45 Aug 05, 2017
wow she does'nt care that shes going to get a revange on someone.
I really can't understand why in every revenge story. Lucy says the whole guild ignored her except for almost everyone in the guild.