Percy jackson/ teen wolf crossover

Percy jackson/ teen wolf crossover

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livy_percabeth By livy_percabeth Updated Dec 10, 2015

Percy jackson is left alone by his mother. She died when he was six and now he and his step father Gabe are moving to Beacon hills to be closer to some of gabes old gambling buddies. Gabe still abuses Percy but at least Percy is an all powerful demigod right? Wrong. Percy is plagued with horrific nightmares of his torture in Tartarus and he has flashbacks when Gabe is beating him to when Tartarus and a few other Percy- hating monsters were beating the crap out of him. Will his new found aunt Melissa and cousin Scott help him? 

set after house of hades and season 5 teen wolf

  • abuse
  • gabe
  • girlxboy
  • melissa
  • percy
  • scott

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