Drama Dorks and Football Jocks

Drama Dorks and Football Jocks

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Yes I am Satan By sydroxz Updated Jul 13, 2016

Castiel Novak is a drama dork. Well that what his friends say that they are. He's been in almost all the schools plays. And he of course is on tech. Dramas his bread and butter, it's what he could go to college for. Get a job from. 

Dean Winchester has decided to fit in. Join the football team, and he's not bad at it. He's just bad at life. Dean and a couple boys from the team get drunk one night and trash the drama department. 

The one who gets blamed...

Now Dean has to help the tech crew rebuild and he has to join to the cast as punishment. Will he enjoy it more than he thought? And will Cas find something to think jocks aren't just jerks?

If I was a teacher I would make all my ships work together. I would also have a sidekick who would report on everyone
-Super-Nootrel- -Super-Nootrel- Dec 02, 2016
The fourth wall is shattered. There are pieces everywhere. Please send help.
I'm blasting 500 miles while reading this
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doorothy1 doorothy1 Feb 12
It's like that but in Harry potter where Harry is trying to get the team to be quite and Ginny is just like shut up!
that_nerd_moose that_nerd_moose 5 days ago
my mind is on musicals and all I'm thinking of is Naomi from 21 Chump Street
ships_that_sail ships_that_sail Dec 26, 2016
Yeah definitely NOT gay. 100% no homo and 100% not gay. Wait what am I saying.... getting a boner because of someone who is the same sex as you. HA I'm totally lying to myself 1739% gay 😊