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Everyone has that moment when something--or someone--makes a difference in your life. That moment may not completely flip your world, but it may change your perspective of life or even yourself as a person.

I, Aurora Rosenburg, had my life completely flipped upside down. And it was all because of my 20th birthday and best friend. Back when it all happened, I believed it was a curse put upon me, but I now believe is was a blessing--not all life changing moments are bad.

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Ugh ugh 😭 Girl run! That creepy as question 😂 wtf is this a cult or something? I gotta be invited? Chile my lil black àss would've took tf off.
Siblings could still have different last names, me and my brother do and we even have the same parents.
Vael_Girl Vael_Girl Oct 11
Sammee,other people would think me and my best friend looked alike just because we wore glassses and are of the same height. Like whatt?! We barely look alike.
ShatterMe97 ShatterMe97 Jun 06
I cried for days when my cat died. His older brother actually grieved for months. I didn't know cats could grieve
My way worked the opposite me and my friends grew closer during puberty
ShatterMe97 ShatterMe97 Jun 06
My baby cousin is named Aurora. Not even 2 and she's got sleeping beauty everything. Funny thing is she has red hair and reminds me of Merida