My loving stalker

My loving stalker

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Allison By pink_vanilla_16 Completed

Bella Ross is a normal girl. 

She is popular , beautiful ,and has the most gorgeous voice men will ever know.

But she has a secret.
Since she was fifteen she has felt someone following her.
She has never seen him but in small glimpses or just a sense  he was there.

Sometimes he will leave her little notes or presents.

She doesn't want to date for fear that he will hurt them as he did to the three boyfriends she had at sixteen .
One of them was still in the hospital.

She wants to confront him bit when she looks again he isn't there.

He controls her life in the shadows and won't let her go.

She is his.

(Cover creds to @katrascal go check out their books!)

I'm wearing a silver necklace with a small music note ..........
Nice poetry, you must have been good at English class.-to the author
Nice aim and the bullet didn't harm her, Mr.Stalker has most likely had a lot of practice with shooting.
I would be sad but in the words of John Oliver: "Eh, fûck em".
I'm a nerdy loser but I still like to look glam AF. I spend 50 dollars on a primer I'm not messing around.
JennyV2004 JennyV2004 Oct 09
I like the poetry, it's cool to see how she reacts, love this book so far!