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does Jumin Han is gay? By crystalnapz Completed

Lucy Heartfelia attends fairy tail high and has been for 2 years. She never really trusts people meaning she's mute and has no social relationships with anyone in her school. Once upon a time she had lots of friends but what they wanted wasn't her or her friendship. It was her popularity and money. So lucy stopped being friends with them and transferred losing her popularity as well as her voice.

Natsu Dragneel is a goofy and weird high schooler who has a troubling past. He wants to start new and forget about it all so, Natsu transferred to Fairy Tail High! girls immediately fawned over him, He was good at sports and made friends instantly, he had it good and he knew it. 

What if lucy Heartfelia  and Natsu Dragneel were to cross paths?

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NALU4ever999 NALU4ever999 3 days ago
That's basically me. I'm never interested in any new student in class, I just ignore everything the kid does. Until he/she starts stealing my friends; not that it has happened before though. ;)
Woww as of now Lisanna isn't the rude one.. It's Popsicle Stripper
I really hope Lisanna is gonna be Lucy's friend in this book
Waaaaah!!!! I'm so happy that Lisanna is kind in this story because she is always mean in the other stories. ILOVEYOUAUTHOR-CHAN!!! AJEHFGVCISWKNDIWSKDJEJJCNSKWKBFCHWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Seems like an interesting story....Keep ur intresting-ness up Author-Chan!
mien189 mien189 Jan 17
It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen its a banana next to a banana