Monster Falls

Monster Falls

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I was reading a bunch of Monster Falls books and looking at fan art. Then I was like, I should write a Monster falls book! It would be so cool! So now I'm writing it. Sooooooooooooo.... If your interested then go read! (I am REALLY bad at descriptions so PLEASE READ!)

Ps: in this book. Gideon hasn't been caught yet, Mermondo never left, and Mabel and Dipper have never met Bill.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravity Falls. I wish I did! But I don't! (Cries)

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Mythtail101 Mythtail101 Dec 22, 2017
when dipper jumped in bed? shouldn’t it be when I jumped in bed?
_LexieShea_ _LexieShea_ Feb 24
*teacher instincts activate!*
                              *me far away* IT'S CALLED A CERVATAUR!!
sleepy_ferret sleepy_ferret Mar 26, 2016
ohhhhhhhh good.
                              dippers' even cuter
                              (dang it phone! i cant type properly now!)
Kaoru- Kaoru- Jun 13, 2016
XD the thing is that he's right there is no real name for a half deer half human
Tired_Taco Tired_Taco Jul 29, 2016
I'm a wolf a brown wolf to be exact hybrid and I have semi long brown hair with blonde highlights and deep brown eyes and i'm shorter than dipper. my personality is a mix between dipper and Mable oh! and my name is Rosy.
hiccstridtoothless39 hiccstridtoothless39 May 03, 2016
*There must be somethin' in the waaaaater!* Sorry, but that just ran through my head when I read this!