Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3

Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3

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Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it.


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PrinceSetter PrinceSetter 5 days ago
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BurntFlipFlops BurntFlipFlops 14 hours ago
thank god i switched my phone to 24 hr time so i understsand what this means
daughterofposeidonMK daughterofposeidonMK May 03, 2016
This is going to get emotional *gets prepared to jump into tartarus*
Persassyleomcshizzal Persassyleomcshizzal Sep 14, 2016
Like their love they woudnt admite to it at first you are a smarty pants
Ainzywainz Ainzywainz Sep 09, 2016
Does anyone notice that they have had sex once between the end of the last book and now? Or is that just me?