Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3

Concede (Percabeth) Book 2/3

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Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it.


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bloodhunter150 bloodhunter150 Aug 26, 2017
Was that supposed to be a pic of Annaeth on the cover?? Cause it looks like Sabrina Carpenter!
PrinceSetter PrinceSetter Jul 24, 2017
Please enter your books in the Watty 2017! These are AMAZING
Pqhantom Pqhantom Mar 10, 2017
Do you inhale his scent like its cocaine? Buy it today sea scented cocaine only $5.00 per pack. Get it now while you can!
Technically, wearing a black coat would make you feel colder considering the fact that black is a good conductor of heat; ergo this would make heat be transferred from your body to the cooler surroundings. (Lol, why I am being so scientific suddenly??)
NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Dec 15, 2017
That is the most un Kosher meal ever Annabeth (lmao i is the jew)
BurntFlipFlops BurntFlipFlops Jul 28, 2017
thank god i switched my phone to 24 hr time so i understsand what this means