A Mermaid and an alpha

A Mermaid and an alpha

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MythHeart9 By MythHeart9 Updated Nov 29, 2016

I knew my life would never be easy, I knew it the day I first stepped onto the shore and took my first breath of fresh air, it was force fed to me the day my parents died, and then it was reinforced every time I ran away 

"Come on Lillare, you know you miss me, what can I do to get you back" I felt that heartless smile settle on my lips 

"Kiss my tail fins" I heard Sam snicker from behind me "after all, I am going to be your queen, but I don't need you as my King" 

You can't stay pure forever, and lapses in the way you treat people who have done you wrong are bound to happen, but the ancients know I'm here for a reason.

MythHeart9 MythHeart9 Feb 13, 2016
Thanks guys I have almost finished the fourth chapter and will have it up later today
Hadesworld Hadesworld Feb 12, 2016
You should tell someone that you're getting bullied, but if you are still getting bullied by them then just ignore them and be strong. Don't stress about updates, just get you life together.
Yuki-Kuron14 Yuki-Kuron14 Feb 13, 2016
I will send sabistion (my butler) to make them stop...*calls sabistion* Yes young master...you called.*ciel speaking* yes go and make them stop messing with this young girl * I shall go fetch my nives*
Charlie0719 Charlie0719 Feb 12, 2016
Plzzzzzzzzzz update u r an amazing writer and don't get stressed out u r talented and don't let anyone else tell u diffrent
RhiMH1 RhiMH1 Oct 12, 2016
One of my best friends bullied me for 2 years when I then eventually moved schools but know whenever I see her she acts sweet and innocent 😐
winger4567 winger4567 Mar 11, 2016
Well then I guess u are going to have to know this u know whatever they say is not true and so does your family it is their problem not yours.