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A Virgin Like Him

A Virgin Like Him

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JeanLouise By JeanLouise Updated Oct 14, 2016

Kathy has a plan and it only involves men when it's convenient for her. Set up by her sister, she is now financially secure thanks to the ever generous Michael, enjoys something a little adventurous with her footballer Tom and studies her ass off, knowing that in the long term, that's what's going to get her away from her trailer park roots and keep her away from it. What she didn't count on was the quiet librarian who snuck up on her and won't get out of her head. It doesn't help when she can't deal with him like she has with every other guy she's ever wanted, because her quiet librarian is a virgin who isn't giving it up for anyone who he doesn't love. This begs the question of who will be corrupted first and give up what's most important to them. Aiden and his virginity? Or Kathy and her sugar daddy?
The Third Book In The AGLH Series

iaminlovewithawerewo iaminlovewithawerewo Nov 15, 2014
wow Kathy is going to find a sugar daddy and go to school this is great
crazy_summer crazy_summer Nov 12, 2014
you're amazing! my mom jokes around that if i don't study i'm gonna be an escort :D nice motivation ^^ still i understand that life's full of sh*t and you do what you have to do
Artistic_Calamity Artistic_Calamity Nov 12, 2014
Go go kathyyyy!
                              Btw is this really an epilogue ? Or you meant prologue?
ocarinamelody ocarinamelody Nov 12, 2014
i'm excited!!! this looks promising. but, my heart still beats for taylor cadley. heh... I was actually rooting for a kathy and robbo romance.. but, I'm jumping in excitement for this one!!
XxshadowhunterxX XxshadowhunterxX Nov 12, 2014
you just made my day by me reading about this in my email! :D btw- I think you mean prologue? I'm just saying since it's a little confusing...
callella callella Nov 12, 2014
Welcome back lol!  It's only been a couple weeks!! Can't wait for this book. Thank-you for making my day :)