An Enthralling Love Affair (SAMPLE) | Completed

An Enthralling Love Affair (SAMPLE) | Completed

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CameoLover93 🍑 By AmyNJohnson93 Completed

An Enthralling Love Affair | A Steamy CEO Romance | Completed on Radish ✔

Victoria Bogart is a reclusive woman. Sebastian Banks, her enticing boss, is a man that doesn't like taking no for an answer. The two are complete opposites, like night and day, yet somehow they can't help but be entranced by one another. 

And when they finally get together - sparks fly.

Victoria finds herself drawn in by Sebastian's dominance; meanwhile, he's completely captivated by her innocence. And if Victoria succumbs to her alluring boss, he'll bring in the much needed fire that'll brighten up her dull life, and maybe in return, she might even be able to teach him a thing or two or about this crazy little thing called love...

▪Warning: to finish reading this book, please visit the 'How To' chapter for more information. ▪

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dianaelliee dianaelliee Apr 07, 2017
I'm kinda new. I have a lot of favorites lol. No a couple of favorites
dianaelliee dianaelliee Apr 07, 2017
2015😨!how long have you been on wattpad. I discovered it this year. Lmao
NiqueUnique NiqueUnique Jan 21, 2017
If you have wattpad on your phone or laptop, there is nooo way you can still be pure. Wattpad has tainted us all.😉
__idiosyncratic __idiosyncratic Nov 03, 2016
With James Spader 😍 (which coincidentally his name was Mr. Grey in it) I loved him in that movie and I love him on the blacklist! Red💚
MrAubergine MrAubergine Jan 16, 2017
This and TFIOS comparisons really annoy me so I know what you're saying
stavol stavol Jan 16, 2017
It's like what you're saying about FSOG is to me because i've never read anything that involved BDSM other than FSOG