My New Pet

My New Pet

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Lunatic_101 By GodofDeath100 Updated Mar 11, 2017

An 18 year old girl meets a 20 year old woman at Starbucks

The 18 year old feels a connection towards her and soon exchange numbers

Right away the 20 year old messages the 18 year old to come over to her house and she does

Once the 18 year old got there she was surprised to find out that the 20 year old was in a BDSM life style and she was a dominant

(Bad description but the book will be sooo good)

  • bdsm
  • foursome
  • jealousy
  • othershit
  • punishments
  • threesome
surelations surelations Jun 23, 2017
Me: *seeing this name in the 3rd book I've read today* (thinking about wii music) La-La-La-La-La-La-Lacey
Caspers-Ghost Caspers-Ghost Apr 01, 2017
I life right beside a starbucks😂 like I legitimately have to walkout my door and take 42 (yes I counted sevral times) steps- on average- and I'm at starbucks
surelations surelations Jun 23, 2017
Sometimes if I stare at a winky face to long I think it's deep throating air...
StrangeTeddy StrangeTeddy Sep 04, 2016
Oh come on guys...   we all have to start somewhere and somehow.... carry on!!!
- - Sep 18, 2016
As you've updated(appreciated). Think I'll read from the start.
MJay_McNeil MJay_McNeil Aug 20, 2016
Not that bad thats like saying me having a heart condition is good....
                              Point is......
                              Thats not good😠😠