Porn Star

Porn Star

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Daddy By SpreadTheSpiff Completed

Let me put your mind to rest
I'm nothing like that other guy
Ima put yo ass to bed, just call me a lullaby
Believe it, believe it
Girl I'll be your quarterback, receive it
Go deep, baby work them lips no time to speak
When I lay back, shawty don't know how to act
She ready when the lights go off she climb on top
Her body rocking we don't stop
No handle bars or falling off, cause cause

She ride me like a porn star
She ride me like a pro she did this shit before
I hold her tight no letting go till she say she can't take no more
I'm speechless
All I say is oooooooh
She ride, she ride
She ride, she ride, she ride
All I say is oooooooh
She ride me like a porn star

[Verse 2:]
She ride it like she never gonna ride this dick again
She thinking like a G and she ain't never giving in
She ride it in the back of my car, on the bar, 
on the stash, on the bed she ain't scared
Cause when I lay back, shorty don't know how to act. 

She ride me like a porn star

Mrs_Leaderz Mrs_Leaderz Aug 21
Ight don't give me none I have a way. Just push your ass and drink duh.
Krissyy7 Krissyy7 Sep 27
Why do the females have to share they private parts to everyone in ever I read 😂✌🚀
They was d.a lmaooo. I ain't know they was really bout to hit somebody line
Mrs_Leaderz Mrs_Leaderz Aug 21
If you live with your moma and she behind you while your reading this you betta change it.
Yessss when I lay backkkk, shawty don't know how to acttttttt
Is it only me, but their broken english is bothering me. Great story though.