The Nanny(Editing!)

The Nanny(Editing!)

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Awesome cover made by @Aphrodite270

 "So you're the new nanny?" A female voice asked. I looked up to see Meghan. My eyes widened at what she was wearing. A black teeny tiny crop top and some small shorts to match. 

"I am. You must be Meghan." I replied. 

"You have a horrible sense of fashion." She snapped eyeing me up and down. 

"You must not get clothes your size. With those small shorts and top they could be considered for a toddler." I snapped back at her. The two little boys snickered. 

"Where do you get your clothes? Goodwill?" She smirked. 

"Where do you get yours? Children's place?" I really need to control my anger. 

I'm arguing with a fifteen year old.

Mia Stone has become the new nanny of the Hudson kids. Kids that belong in hell or so that is what past nannies have said. Mia will do everything and anything to get the kids to like her. But can she take the hate of a 15 year old, countless pranks, arguments, 3 Pomeranian dogs and the snobbish kids attitudes?

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NyetaRichardson NyetaRichardson Sep 10, 2017
I guess this girl would hate me that's my whole dresser and I'm not apologizing lol
NyetaRichardson NyetaRichardson Sep 10, 2017
4th readon hes at least older than 19 and your 16 your way too young and it's illegal lol
- - Jan 16, 2017
If you want her to like you, you're doing a bad job of it. Also, you can get fired with that backtalk
VidaDiva9190 VidaDiva9190 Jul 21, 2016
She's mute not deaf. She can hear she just can't respond with her vocal cords.....
apostropheA apostropheA Feb 14, 2015
Adam seems to be a likeable character.. concerned, responsible best friend - brother type
sagu_shake sagu_shake Dec 22, 2014
Damn I bet that person is either gonna be a jock or a preppy cheerleader