Shawn Mendes' little sister

Shawn Mendes' little sister

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Chapter 1

Casey's POV

I am sitting here with my little sister Aaliyah. We are watching Frozen. I was almost asleep until Aaliyah asks me a question. "Casey, do you miss Shawn?" she asks. "Aaliyah, yes of course I do. He's my big brother." I say. "Do you think he will ever come home to see us?" She asks. What Aaliyah doesn't know is that Shawn is in town to visit us, he told me to tell him when it's a good time to come to the house! I told mom to keep it a secret. "Oh yes, of course Aaliyah, he's just on tour right now."I say. She cries into my chest. "I-i miss him C." Aaliyah says. "I know, Aaliyah, I know." I say. I decide to text Shawn and tell him to come. 

To: brothaaa

come to the house now. i have Aaliyah crying in my chest!

From: brothaaa

be there in 10.

After those 10 minutes passed, Shawn walks through my bed room door. I put my finger up to my lips and shush him. He walks over and sits on the bed and rubs Aaliyah's back. She wakes up. "Shawn!" She says and tears u...

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Mystery15410 Mystery15410 Apr 05, 2017
Lol 20 degrees is still normal for me because I spend around 4 hours in an ice rink every day and I just wear a tank top and ice skating shorts
This happens to me once  it feels sooo good like my parents could not stop me from using the phone cause there's nothing better to do so I just browsed through all the magcon boy's social media accounts God how I miss the old magcon
itznotgiselle itznotgiselle Jun 24, 2017
I would die of coldness. I think 70 degrees is hella cold. (I live in Cali👶)
jsmnglns jsmnglns Jan 28, 2016
Hey! Its pronounced just like my first name!! Xept its spelt differently.
Milzy2003 Milzy2003 Feb 05, 2016
That's so hot how can you be wearing a sweatshirt!?!?!
                              Here in NZ -2 is what you call cols
transformashawn transformashawn Sep 11, 2016
Hate to be that person but it's Shawn, Hayes, and I. It's not me