Sinbad and You

Sinbad and You

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Yuu Kaji By gekokujougirl Updated Nov 12, 2014

You escaped the city of Honan because people started to fall to depravity.

You have a special skill that can recognize if a person has fallen into depravity...and another that can destroy.

Then you cross paths with Sinbad, the High King of the Seven Seas who has already halfway "fallen into depravity"

Together with your only family left, you and Shunki, your niece traveled and was adopted by the man you almost killed...

well,it was his fault really...

the perverted King and you, the complicated tsundere in a well...

lemonish story

Smut and MORE...

its your story and Sinbad's.

It is also posted in and Quotev

some parts are also posted pon my DeviantArt

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yusca0111 yusca0111 Dec 16, 2017
Yes but, no at the same time cause.... He's THE playboy of the seven seas... Yup😂
bro....sinbad...u just met her and u already fell in love with her??? u fell in love too easily....wait i forgot..ur the tht means u fell in love very easily...
- - Mar 03, 2016
The lady should've notice it already when she gave the food to sinbad. .....
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Mar 19, 2016
To this girl who's sensitive to the point of exploding when coming into contact with a fallen grace? No, she ain't lucky.
Sparklegem413 Sparklegem413 Jan 29, 2017
U-uhm.....  -looks down with a blushing face- Y-yes...  Of course...