My Gang Leader #Wattys2016

My Gang Leader #Wattys2016

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" You hide to many things" I said. "And" he said looking at me like I'm stupid. " I want answers " I told him. He smirked. I can't believe he actually smirked. 

He then started coming closer to me. He removed my hair from one side slowly. His cold rough hands touched my bear neck. I felt that vibe. He leaned into my ear, "If I told you my secret you would run far, far away from me" 
I had everything that a girl could want. I always smiled and laughed. My life was complete with my parents, best friends, siblings and lots of love that I could even imagine, but I was missing something in my life and that was 'True Love'. I had never fallin' in love or been near love. I never felt that spark or fireworks in my stomach when I was with a guy, and that was until I felt that one connection with "him".  
I fell in love with him but there was a problem, he was a Gang Leader; dangerous and very controlling. No one would let me be with him, but that didn't stop him.
My Gang Leader

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is it weird that my best friend's name is Alex and that's exactly what she would say to me in this situation?
That's the name of my middle School I went to last year 😂(McAdams Jr Highschool)
livelifenowlovelater livelifenowlovelater Feb 22, 2016
Friend: 5 seconds... Me: "of summer?!" Breaks into crazy dance.😂👌🏼
GrungeGirl223 GrungeGirl223 Jan 31, 2016
Hemmig hey, well I think we all know that auto-correct was used there to turn Hemmings into hemming...................................................................*dreamy sigh* Luke Hemmings.....baeeeee.......*dreamy sigh*
unknown96_ unknown96_ Mar 27, 2016
When you know after this you will see the Fam in the comments 👏🏼
NotSoRandom19 NotSoRandom19 Jun 08, 2016
Fûck yeah my penguins in the house lol LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS MY HUSBAND