❤Their Story❤ (NaLu)

❤Their Story❤ (NaLu)

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Lucy and Natsu are bestfriends and, school partners.  they never want to leave each others side. They both have a huge crush on each other. they go on missions together.
the mating season came and Natsu chose Lucy who then makes a mark on her. but the only person who can ruin their relationship is Lisanna. sister of Mirajane and Elfman. can they all stop her from planing things on Lucy and Natsu? Will the things that Lisanna makes Bring Lucy's and Natsu's love for each other grow more? or will Lucy give up on everything and let Lisanna take Natsu away from her. 

you will only guess that if you read the story ^o^~

For NaLu fans ONLY. Do not read if you're a NaLi fan! 

this is my first story so dont expect that'll be a good one ^^ <33


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call_me_kiwi_xo call_me_kiwi_xo Mar 14, 2017
Erza shall have 31 babas,  levy shall have 21(😶)babies, Julia shall have 22 babas,and 33 NALU(screams WAY to loud) bababababababbas
Mango_Corgi Mango_Corgi Aug 22, 2017
It's there a song that goes "I know you want meh, I know I ya" ???
Panda_Chu22 Panda_Chu22 Mar 18
You finally learned Natsu you finally learned. Still tho I liked the old you.
catfanfic catfanfic Sep 10, 2017
Natsu if you wanna win a lady you don't call her dumb and mean
Storm856 Storm856 Jan 02, 2017
If she is a dumb blonde then why does he want answers from her.
bluelover018 bluelover018 Oct 15, 2016
YOU LIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE EACH OTHER *See I stool happys 2 main line*