The Nerd And The Drug Dealer.

The Nerd And The Drug Dealer.

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SofiaPtv By SofiaPtv Updated Aug 28, 2016


"What the hell are you doing?" I snapped and he looked surprised. 

 "Well every girl in this room would be lucky to be in your place and you push me away?" He smirked but his gray eyes still looked shocked. 

 "Cocky much?" I said sarcasticly. 

 "Just the truth" 

 The world is dangerous. Especially for me, Shannon Hathway. With an abusive father and a drunk mother I have nothing else but my little brother Mark. The world becomes more dangerous when I have to live with the schools Drug Dealer and bad boy. Seth Stone.  

Just so you know. Im sure that Seth Stone will be the death of me.

A world full of lust, sex, romance, gangs, guns, fights,  jealousy and pure passion is thrown on Shannons feet. She will experience every bit of it but when the seconds pass by she gets more involved with Seth. Will that be a good thing and lead us to a love story or the world war III?

remarkulous remarkulous Dec 03, 2016
Dang all of your books are one cliche each. They're kinda trash... I mean I actually wanted to blow chunks just after looking at the titles.
_imagine_me_you_ _imagine_me_you_ Mar 31, 2016
I did that to one of my friends and she got so scared and started crying and till this day she doesn't know it's me😂
shawndratime shawndratime Feb 28, 2016
Gurl you know damn well your own tongue can't reach your vagina  #Dirtymindatwork
_imagine_me_you_ _imagine_me_you_ Mar 31, 2016
Fr it ain't her fault her parents just got horny one day jeez! Like go suck a booty hole👋🏼
                              Will you come to a club tonight pretty please because I don't want to go alone 
                              I have a hyper gay BFF with  ADHD
_imagine_me_you_ _imagine_me_you_ Mar 31, 2016
I always feel like saying "suck my asss bittches!" And leave