The False Mate (ON HOLD)

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Athena By OlympusPlayer Updated 2 years ago
River Woods is just a girl trying to fit into her world. Little did she know, her world isn't what she expected. Adopted by humans at age six, meeting a werewolf at age eight, discovering she is a werewolf at age twelve, could her life get anymore complicated? She needs to have her mate with her by the time she turns sixteen, in order for her to survive her first shift. She didn't think her life get any harder. But when she moves to Pallase at age fifteen, she finds she was dead wrong.
When will your next chapter be out? I prefer ty's pov he isnt an ass intentionaly abd is raging sych an intense inner battle. I cant wait to see if he gives in to river finally.
Also I'm just going to ask you if you if I could use your P O V thing plz
Could you please make another lone she wolf story ( the one with dani) I was wondering could I re type it but give you all the credit I'd right at the start and that you origanaly made it anyways i love your story's and so does my friend so please keep writing
Please upload you took if hold and I'm thankful but please write more I die-ing  here
First chap and im already hooked AWESOME JOB and i dont even hate anyone yet!best wAttpad story ever
really a great idea an you are making it work one thing in  page 5 next to last line my should be me . Thanks for an amazing read cant wait for more Marie