I'm a model that's Undercover as a nerd

I'm a model that's Undercover as a nerd

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CookieMonster_Indi By CookieMonster_Indi Updated Dec 01, 2015

Sky Jackson is the number 1 model in America but who knew she is Kayla Morgan the nerd at school too?

Follow Kayla as she juggles 2 lives as a nerd and a modelling. 

Will anyone find out she's a secret model at school.

Will secrets be revealed when she gets a project with Kyle Brooks the schools Popular Boy?

Jury0f9 Jury0f9 Aug 27, 2016
@KittyKattt_ Come on, man. U can't steal ideas. Kitty's was first. Like Boi, wtf.
xBluGameZ xBluGameZ Nov 25, 2015
This is a ripoff of kittykattts I'm a model undercover as the school nerd book. You can't copyright this, hence you have no rights to copyright this whatsoever
Kendall_2244 Kendall_2244 Nov 10, 2015
Just reading it made me think that Ellie will use her or be fake like Xx_Songeb0b_xX said
Lizzy1019 Lizzy1019 Oct 21, 2015
This book seems exactly like @KittyKattt_ book. It has the same exact title too
x_adryannaa x_adryannaa Aug 13, 2015
how can yhu say all rights reserved when yhu copied off of @KittyKattt_ whole plot widd the number 1 model in america . undercover as a nerd ... like at least change the tittle . && make it less obvious .
rainhugs rainhugs Jul 12, 2015
I just love this concept and plot, and you are an amazing writer.