One Night with the King - New Adult

One Night with the King - New Adult

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The first novel of the Underworld Series! 
Can be read separately!!!!
For a mature audience! 

Imagine... waking up with no memory of who you are, where you're from. You're only purpose is to prepare for your one with the King: even if it's your last.


                "You don't get it do you?" I shook my head, rubbing her back to sooth her. "When it's your night... that's it. You don't come back. The one night with the king is the only one you get. No one ever comes back. Never has, never will." My body went still.

                I didn't understand this. All the women said that he was a gentleman... could never do any wrong.

                "He's hiding something... and twice a month, the burden of that secret becomes too much... so he reveals it to someone. But, they never return to tell that secret." Heather stepped back, her head low. "We don't know if he lets them go... or puts them in the dungeon. No one knows but him and his right hand man. Our King isn't exactly the opposite of a gentleman. If you can... get out of here. I can't make it out, but you still have a chance."

Kept on reading the word "odd" wtf lol do you not know any word girl
SnyaRi SnyaRi Aug 03
and here is exhibit C where you can see an extreme case of NOPE
I once thought I saw something in my room when I woke up at 3am my eyes were still bleary,  let's just say for the next few months my lights were always on and my bible was my new cuddle buddy.
SnyaRi SnyaRi Aug 03
And you're cool with that??.. A worker?? Just watching you bathe?? Damn son
Oh fudge!!! This story seems intriguing and very mysterious....
I would walk straight to the door if someone told me what I can and can't eat😂