The Children of Time (Wattys Winner Author)

The Children of Time (Wattys Winner Author)

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Chaiene Santos By ChaieneS Completed

Author of "The Children of Time" Trilogy (Os Filhos do Tempo) # 1 Highest ranking reached in Portuguese - More than One Million and a half readings and 56K followers.


On his first day at the Research Lab, under the name John Herinther, he was cleaning one of the labs when he started listening to the explanations given by a Quantum Physics Professor, who was introducing his internship students to the gravitational fields of the General Theory of Relativity. He wandered off, imagining himself as a University student asking his master questions about evolution, and then imagining the man's reaction when he found out that human beings would evolve into a being that would be considered an alien at that time. He spent some time staring at a board, lost in his own thoughts.
"Professor, have you ever thought if men evolved keeping up with the brain growth of the primates' relatives from which we descend? And how about our dental arcades' atrophy due to changes in our feeding habits? And our fingers' atrophy as well, due to the use of robotics, and absence of nails because claws are not necessary anymore?"
"What do you really mean, boy? Let me see your name," he said glancing at his ID badge. "John Herinther. Go on Mr. Herinther, I want to listen to what you have to say".
"Yes, Sir," Nicholas answered promptly. "And how about, if we could cross the space-time gravity warp, could we also go back to the past on Earth? Have you ever thought that UFO'S might be driven by evolved human beings from the future?"
"That's just impossible, my dear boy. You must be kidding" he said with a smile. "You have a real fertile mind. We as extraterrestrials... That's just insane!"
Nicholas came around after some seconds, took his broom back and continued sweeping the floor.
"Some days ago, I thought like that too, he thought.

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I feel rude saying things like this, but shouldn't it be big bro? Because the sentence above says she is his little sister?
SrishtiPatkar SrishtiPatkar Dec 28, 2017
HE IS SOOOOOO FREAKING LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Inability, I think. Unless I've misread that. Which I do a lot, so...
Its going to be my favourite story. Pretty much different than the other books. Hats off to the writer. Simply loving it.♥♥
George-Little George-Little Feb 06, 2016
¿Cómo le hago para pegar una foto en la página de mi libro? Veo una foto de una pareja sobre la página. Yo he intentado poner una foto, y no puedo. ¿Cómo puedo hacerlo?
Oiii gente ,tudo bem?então eu criei um livro muito bom espero todos vocês, sério,  de coração!!! ❤