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Let's Play a Game (Book #1 of the Dangerous Game's Trilogy)

Let's Play a Game (Book #1 of the Dangerous Game's Trilogy)

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Tessa Thompson By TessaT Completed

Book #1 In Dangerous Games Trilogy

A blossoming relationship took the turn for the worst when Taylor was attacked by her stalker one cold dark night on her way home from class. The man she was in love with ignored her the moment he saw the jagged scar covering the side of her face through a skype call. 
Crushed, Taylor blocks out every single male in her life in a personal stand point. Pushing all her pain to the back of her mind, she focuses on finishing college and getting on with her life. 
That is until she spends the first Christmas with her roomies family after finishing college. To her surprise Archer shows up without his fiancee. 
To say she pays him back for his harsh treatment is an understatement.

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sisterwolf03 sisterwolf03 Dec 11, 2016
I'm sure becca will find a hella Hot guy and so will her friend but becca's will be hotter
MommaDemon MommaDemon Aug 13, 2016
A jiffy is like 0.000064782 of a second, it's horrible that I know that, F*** YOU MATH!!!!
Anisthesia Anisthesia Nov 08, 2016
Wish I could say the same but I actually got a butt from my mom, and some decent boons so I guess I can't complain.
janeyamos9 janeyamos9 Oct 27, 2016
**You don't need the apostrophe on the word "reasons".  The word isn't possessive.
elitebitch elitebitch Oct 23, 2016
Wow, I lay read this book in August... And I'm back in October reading it again😂
janeyamos9 janeyamos9 Oct 27, 2016
**You don't need the comma after the word "to" works better before it.